Life Flower




Makes a flower sprout from someone's head. Flower can only be killed by neglect. Flower keeps person alive.

Spell Casting

Give the friend the flower and have them put it on their head. Inform them of what you will say, to give them one last chance to back out if they want to, as they shouldn't be able to remove the flower in the middle of casting. Chant:

"Flower, flower, do what I say. Keep this person alive, allow him/her to see each next day. Flower, flower, listen to me. Should you die, so does he/she! So mote it be!"

The flower should start glowing, and implant itself in the person's head. The flower cannot be removed by any means at this point. As long as the person cares for the flower, it will keep them alive. Should they neglect the flower, it will warn them by making them slowly grow progressively sicker. If the person still does not care for the flower and allows it to wilt, the person will perish. IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LET THEM KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN BEFOREHAND! DON'T HAVE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING THEY DONT WANT TO GET IN TO!
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