Recipe-Tea For Meditation


1 tbs. china black/english breakfast

2 tsp. chamomile

2 tesp. elder flower

1 tsp. rose hips


How to make a tea for meditation.

Spell Casting

Boil fresh cold water in tea kettle; warm china/ceramic tea pot with hot water, pour out, add loose tea or in teaball in chine/ceramic pot; add boiling water over the leaves. stepp 3-5 minutes; pour tea through strainer into tea cup or strain into fresh, warmed tea pot and serve with milk, sweetener, lemon to taste. cover tea pot with cozy to keep tea war,; drink onlu 2-4 cups per day as tea in general acts as a diuretic and some herbs are not healthy in large doses.

add the herbs one by one. stir them. if it is a tea bag don't stir.
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