Mermaid Spell




Will turn you into a Mermaid! (IN THE PROGRESS OF TESTING)

Spell Casting

The Chant
"Salt Water Seas
Can You Hear My Plea

[Color] Tail, And Bra Top Can I Wear?
Breathe Underwater, Please my Father?

Swimming fast when i please.
Pool or ocean, does not matter to me.

As long as the water is full of salt.
My tail with float with the wavy bumps."

More Detail And Safer Version:
"I will grow a tail, a mermaid tail made of [Color] Scales. I will wear a top a [Color] [Matieral] Top.
No matter if im swimming in a pool or ocean, maybe sea or river. As long as there is salt i will turn into a mermaid.
It will last untill i get out of water. Then i will be back to normal.
I can breathe underwater, i can see underwater. My ears can go deep without damage.
My hair wont get tangled, and i can swim fast.
My father God And Jesus above will protect me from any evil sprits.
This spell will last [Time Period].
But God And Jesus will love me and protect me forever.
As the caster I say, this spell will happen between 5 Mins-2 Weeks"

While saying, chanting either one hold a cup of water. When done pour it on your legs.

After you do all of that say "No matter what this will wear off if i perform the removal spell."

I reccomend starting off with 5 Mins-1 hour time period!
And working your way up!

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