Demon Possess a Friend


sleepover (optional)


Get a demon to possess one of your friends, works better if they are not powerful in magic.
If it's miscast, then it won't work, and your friend might not like you anymore.

Spell Casting

Get a friend to cast a circle with you, tell them it's for a different spell, or if they don't believe in magic they'll probably go along with it just to humor you. Concentrate on them, and imagine a dark energy slowly surrounding them, and chipping away at them. If they have cast protection spells on themselves, you might need to break down that spell first before doing this one.

Once you feel like they are weakened enough, ask them how they feel. If their tired for some strange reason then it's working. Then in your mind think:
"demons (or specific demon) I offer you a shell, rise up from hell and enter (friend's name), Bend her/him/them, twist her/him/them, Let my old friend die, and make him/her/them truly just a shell for you." think that three times, you can write it down, make sure your friend stays distracted, or tell them to think some other made up spell. A

After you think that three times, then say it out loud, and place your hand on your friend. At first they will be mad, but the demon will slowly take them over over the rest of the night. It's performed better at sleepovers, so you can monitor your friend.

There are different types of demons you can make your friend for different benefits. Message me any questions.
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