Stronger Power Ritual


Binaural Beat
Dark purple or light blue candle
Dark silent place


Ritual that will make you full of strong energy. You will be ready for any situation. It may take 30 minutes.

Spell Casting

 Get in your dark silent place. Sit on the ground(or on pillow). Light the candle, turn your binaural beat in headphones, put on you blanket, and put your head on the wall. When you get started, don't listen to your breath because it can make you astral projection. Listen to your hert beats and think about unreal thing, people or symbols. You will see se many things and you will feel vibrations. After 5 mins in this vibrations, wake up. You will feel full of energy and strong. First time can your eyes hurt. But that's good.

I did it and it worked for me. Inbox me how did you felt before and after that. And don't forget to give meh some stars!
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