Travel to the past.

Spell Casting

Close your eyes and focus on where you want to be. You have to be specific if you want to travel to the past. Take a deep breath. Then chant:

"Water, Fire, Wind and Earth,
The time i have shall be reversed,
A past far back i want to change,
This spell i cast will bring me there,
So mote it be"

Focus hard. After a minute open your eyes. You'll see that you'll be in a different place, at a different time. You only have a limit; 2 hours. If you don't come back to the present. You'll maybe be trapped within time.

To return back, chant:

"I want it back, I want it all,
to be brought back from the past reverse,
So the present i will be brought,
So mote it be"

Then you'll be at the exact place, exact time, you first cast this spell.
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