Extremely Powerful Weight Loss Spell


1 red candle
1 orange candle
1 yellow candle
1 green candle
1 blue candle
1 indigo candle
1 violet candle
1 white candle
1 black candle

1 blossom from a bleeding heart flower

red ribbon


red pen


crystal bowl


A spell to make you lose ten pounds, every time you use it.

Spell Casting

Set the nine candles up in a circle, with the white and black candles opposite each other. The circle must be big enough for you to sit cross-legged in. Lay a red ribbon on the floor, connecting the white and black candles. Light the candles. With the red pen, write the following on the piece of paper:
I wish to lose weight
wish to lose weight
ish to lose weight
sh to lose weight
h to lose weight
to lose weight
o lose weight
lose weight
ose weight
se weight
e weight

Pass the paper through the flames of each of the candles once, burning it, but not setting it on fire. Put the paper in the crystal bowl. Light each end of the ribbon on fire, one with the white candle, one with the black candle. Put the ribbon in the bowl. Once the fire has died down, go outside, and blow the ashes into the wind, imagining yourself losing ten pounds and looking beautiful. Repeat the spell for every extra ten pounds you eant to lose. So, if you want to lose fifty pounds, do the spell five times.
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