Pass a Test


Bloodstone, or any stone associated with victory, courage, success etc.


This spell will help you to pass a test, quiz, exam etc. But you have to have studied for the test, exam, quiz etc.

Spell Casting

Chant at least 3 to 10 times "With positive intentions free of ire, give me the success I now desire. The information required, in my head store it well, into my mind let the information gel, so I can recall this knowledge with the slightest of ease, so getting a passing grade on this (exam/test/what ever assignment you have to complete such as a quiz, etc.) will be a breeze" 

Don't forget to bind your spell by saying "For the good of all and to harm none, this spell is bound and is to not be undone, by the power of three times three, as I do will so mote it be"
(Don't forget to thank the elements/higher powers/ both elements and higher powers for helping you with the spell, and don't forget to say farewell)
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