Lust from Blood


Some amount of charm


This is a spell powered by the energy in blood. It is to create immediate lust. It is NOT to make someone have sex with you. If your partner isn't ready, you can't change that this way. This is just to create lust.

Spell Casting

When you get close with someone, it can be really hard to know when the time is right or if they are ready. *DISCLAIMER: this spell will not change that and it is not a substitute for consent. If whoever you try this on says no, that means no. It's meant to create lust. That is sometimes not a good enough reason for people to have sex.*
If you are absolutely ready, and you want to test the waters to see if your partner wants the same thing you do, begin with kissing or flirting. Focus on your blood running in your veins. It will begin to heat up. Feel it pumping in your heart as the beat speeds up or becomes irregular. Touch your partner (anywhere, just their hand or arm would do) to form the connection. Be gentle. Being too aggressive or forceful can throw it off or break the spell. Focus on their blood running beneath their skin. It should be heating up, just like yours. This is where the connection is really growing. Focus on their heartbeat, which should be speeding up. If you can feel the energy from this in the atmosphere around you, you will know if the time is right. Again, just because you are ready doesn't mean your partner will be. If you really want it to work out, respect them and what they tell you. NEVER try to force anyone to do something they are not ready for.
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