Reflection Come to Life


Full length mirror


If you need to go somewhere but don't want to do it your reflection will take your place. You can be in two places at one.

Spell Casting


  1. Stand in front of the mirror and relax.
  2. Take the chalk and draw an eye in a circle with a wavy line through it.
  3. Look at the mirror and say: "Surface speak, surface feel. Surface think, surface real.''
  4. Wipe the symbol off the mirror. Then touch the mirror and bring your arm back.
  5. If your reflection doesn't copy you it worked. If it works it will slowly step out the mirror.


  1. It cannot change out the clothes your wearing.
  2. Don't wear a logo etc or it'll come out backwards.
  3. Don't wear a watch or a ring because it'll appear on the opposite hand.
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