Winged Wolf


Crystal (choose one that resonates with you, has to be real)
Picture of what your wolf form will look like (minus wings)
Silver candle
Small suncatchers or beads


A winged wolf spell.

Spell Casting

Light the candle and put the picture on the ground to the right. Hold the feather and put the suncatchers around the candle. Put the glass of milk to the left. Say this chant three times holding the feather and crystal to your heart:

"Gods, Goddesses and Spirits, my prayer I send
To bring my sorrow to an end
Every night I wish and pine
For the power that is rightfully mine.
I will soar through the sky
Spread my (colour) wings wide and fly
Large enough to support my form
And so feathery, soft and warm
They will grow as I grow and carry me perfectly
As I fly up above the tops of the trees.
Gods, Goddesses and Spirits, I bear another desire
I would die for this wish, and pass through the fire
To bring my wishes and make them true
So another thing I ask of you.
Make me a wolf with fur so sleek
So in the forest I can sneak
At will my wings can grow or retract
And they can grow on either form's back
A winged wolf shifter, my greatest dream
This is what I seek, sent by moonbeam
This wish shall come to me so I may be free!
This is my will, so mote it be!"

Now hold up the feather and crystal, then drink the milk and blow out the candle.
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