Make Someone Start/Stop Loving Someone


A sheet of paper
A pen or pencil (rubber optional)
Something to represent love


You can make this spell affect you or someone else. There is an extension to this that makes it possible to make the person/you stop loving someone and start loving someone else and vice versa. This will take 1-4 days to take effect. The person that you cast the spell on will take action on the love they feel, no matter how enclosed they are, unless it is virtually impossible.

Spell Casting

Get the sheet of paper and fold it in half. The folding does not have to be neat. Depending on if you are right or left handed, write the first and second name (middle name not required) of the person you are casting the spell on on the side of the paper that is the hand you write in (if that doesn't make sense, write it on the right of the inside of the paper, not the outside if you are right handed, left side if you are left handed). If they have a nickname/changed their name but not too officially/changed their name because they are transgender, put it in brackets by their name.

On the other side, write the full name (same rules as above for names) of the person you want them to stop/start loving. Put the item to represent love in the paper. If you need to take it out/move it to write (in the next step) then that's fine, but put it back afterwards.

On the outside of the paper, on the same "page"/side as where you wrote the name on the person you are casting the spell on, write this (don't say it out loud though): "I wish for you to start/stop loving full name, second and last, of the person you want them to stop/start loving, doesn't matter if you don't deliberately pronounce it wrong. If you have feelings for them, let them grow more/die down. If you have no feelings for them, let feelings grow/ keep it that way. This is not just my will, soon, it will be yours. Let all other affections twist to change your feelings for them. Let this come true."

If you wish to do the extension to make them stop/start loving someone after starting/stopping loving someone, write under what you have written: "As you lose/gain feelings for full name of the person's name you wrote, not the person you are casting the spell on, gain/lose feelings for first and second name of another person you want them to stop/start loving. Once more, let this come true."

Hide the paper with the item somewhere, and make sure no one finds it, until it seems to have worked. Then do what you want with it.
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