Stop Depression


Something to represent you or the person's depression
Something to represent you or that person's happiness
Kitchen roll/paper (big enough to cover the items)
Pen/pencil in a colour you think is positive
Same as above except a negative colour


This spell can be cast on you or someone else. It involves some black magic as it is forcing someone's mind to be different. It will make the person more carefree, and will start working over a few days (1-4 days). If more than one person casts this spell on the same person, it may work even better.

Spell Casting

Place the items down side by side in front of you. Lay the paper over one item, then the other, carefully. Say the following words: "your/the person's first and second name (no middle name(s) needed), I no longer want you to feel this depression. I want you to be happy. To live, happily, carefree, for the short life we have in this world. With this power, please, let the depression lift. Let the clouds clear, and for the sun to shine. Let it look bright, and for the darkness to crawl away. May I chase away the darkness with dark and light, With force. With anything. For you To be happy again."

With the negative-coloured pen/pencil, draw a cross (X) on the paper covering the negative object (it can be misshapen as long as you know it is a cross/X), and with the positive-coloured pen/pencil draw a tick on the paper covering the positive object (again, it can be misshapen as long as you can identify it). Hide the items, with the paper above them, somewhere until you think the spell has taken effect.
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