Summon a Dragon Familiar


Coloring supplies


A dragon to protect you, be your friend, and many more.

Spell Casting

On the paper, draw a dragon. It can can smooth scales, or fur. It can have ears and horns. Make it your dream dragon. Next to it, write it's name, what type of dragon it is, what gender it is, it's personality, and anything else. Every night, chant the following.

"Dragon of luck, Dragon of protection, come to thee. This is my truest wish, so mote it be."

Think of your dragon often. On the third day, in your mind, call out for your dragon. Search for it, and once you found him/her, talk to it. On the sixth day, Search for it. Ask it to come to you, to let you see it. You can almost see a transparent glow in the place of where your dragon is.

Do not forget your dragon. It will become sad. Try asking your dragon for help, such as some energy, a boost of speed, some luck, or for him/her to protect you.
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