Attraction Candle


2 white candle
3 white and unwritten
2 pieces of paper
1 red pen


Use this spell to get someone to fall in love with you. People who have a crushes mostly cast this spell and they feel that they are their true lovers.

Spell Casting

The process of casting the spell when casting this spell, You need to be alone and be in a place whereby no one will most likely disturbed. Cast spell on Wednesday or Friday around Midnight.Get two pieces of paper and write your (full name) on each of papers and your crush's (full name) of the other piece of paper.

Write both your names starting with yours place the three papers in this order. The one with
your name on the right, the one with both names in the center and the other on the left. Get the two white candles and light them. Put one candle on each of the papers with your names. The one with both names should be left there.

Meditate for two to three minutes and start thinking about the good times you want to have with this person. Persuade him and her to fall in love with you with your eyes glued to
the middle paper. For the power of this spell, you might need certain oils from the best spells caster.
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