Powerful Powder / Incense to Relax the Ego


You will need:

Basic Recipe:
1 sage leaf
9 bay leaves
2 four to five inch rosemary branches. (Preferably dried yourself)
1 1/2 tbsp of Tarragon (also known as fuzzy weed)
1 mortar and pestle (hopefully a nice and strong one if your doing the advanced recipe... I was not so fortunate)

Advanced Recipe:
all of the above, then make a second mixture to add to the first which consists of:

-2 sage leaves
-2 tsp of lavender flowers
-1 1/2 tsp of powdered white sandalwood
-3 rose quartz pebbles
-3 green aventurine pebbles
-3 yellow citrine pebbles

instructions bellow >>>


This is a very strong mixture and helps to relax and open the mind to anything concerning meditation, opening psychic senses, and it may even aid in astral projection. If you are going to burn this, take note that only a small amount is needed, probably less than a teaspoon if that. If you completely dislike the idea of burning anything, simply wear some of it in a purple sachet, maybe with some stones that compliment it too. I did both.

Spell Casting

For the basic recipe, you simply crush the dried herbs as finely as you can with your fingers, keeping in mind to stay calm as you mix so as to imbue it with calming energies. Then crush it as finely as possible with your mortar and pestle.
**note, crushing it into a fine powder can make your hands hurt because it is hard. Your trying to grind the leaves, sticks, stems and all into a fine powder.**

In the advanced recipe, you mix the hardest part first. You need to crush the stone pebbles and grind the herbs into the finest powder you can possibly manage.
it should be a pale white-ish color when finished and smell like herbs and clay. (So kind of earthy)
add about a half to a whole teaspoon of this into the basic mixture when finished, and mix thoroughly.

I created the advanced mixture above months before I had created this new mixture. Back then I had a small 11-12 dollar mortar and pestle that had issues containing any of my powders without spilling a bunch in the process...
...I was crushing rocks.
This took me hours.

I felt that this would enhance the quality of my mixture when making it, because for one it had stone essence in it. The main point was that I put a LOT of work into it!

This will add a boost to the entire mixture.

I'll advise you again to only burn a small amount of it. Like, a little pinch. Smoke is bad for your lungs anyway, and just a little is enough to relax you for the next half an hour.

No, it won't make you high in very small amounts, it will just relax you.

This should put you in an open enough state to be able to accomplish any spell, meditation, or attempt at astral projection with more ease than you would have normally been able to do in your every day life after all of those life stressors we all know too well.

The Ego tries to protect itself by maintaining your status quo, and labeling the possible as impossible. It will try to rationalize your intuitive and psychic eyes, which are eyes it will never be able to see out of. The Ego is manifested in physical reality, while your intuition is a direct link to your higher self who is eternal in all aspects. The Ego is only alive in this aspect for this lifetime. This aspect of your physical reality is necessary for basic survival and your fight or flight response. The issue that arises is that in today's society of war, societal control and electrical fog, the Ego dominates the self as its own identity to protect you in the only way it knows how:
Being wary of/angry at/cynical of/afraid of everything it finds threatening. Many of us were taught either overtly or covertly that change is a threat, being wrong is a threat, and that being socially taboo is a threat due to the way we were all socially conditioned at varying levels of severity, and it's fairly well encompassed in this statement:

What other people think of you determines your self worth. You cannot feel good about yourself without the approval of friends, family society, etc.

The Ego is a strange and complicated manifestation, and a vacation or two every once and a while would do it good.

I hope this helps you find what you're looking for.
Good luck, and happy mixing! :)
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