Less Popular


chalk (red)
chalk (orange)
chalk (yellow)
chalk (white)
chalk (black)


Makes someone less popular.

Spell Casting

This spell requires you go to the target's house and draw with chalk on their sidewalk, or the street in front of their house.

You must draw the person in chalk with the colored chalk. You will then draw over the colored picture with the white and black chalk, thus taking away all the details and glamour from the picture.

As long as your intention is to make the picture more bland the person will become less glamorous. In essence you are making the picture more dull and less attractive, and thus you will do the same to the person.

While drawing with the black and white chalk, say the following:

From the picture, from the soul,
I take from you your glamour
And make you plain and simple for
From now on you'll be a bore.

The spell will continue to make the person less glamorous until the picture is washed away. However, once the image is gone, the person will not revert back into their more glamorous self, instead they will remain, as they were when the picture vanished.
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