Nine Knots of Passion


Sandalwood (you could skip the whole dipping on the sandalwood part by using a red cord).
1 cup of esthir or a passion oil of your choice.


It's a basic knot spell to make somebody fall in love with ya.

Spell Casting

As soon as the moon encircles and waxes, take a piece of rope. Dunk it in the sandalwood to turn it red. Dunk it in the Esthir which you have already charged in the name of the man/woman you love. Peruse it while thinking of what you want to happen. Begin tying one by one(a la carte) on the rope.You tie the first knot in the middle. The second on the left, the third on the right. And so forth until the nine knots are tied. You peruse:

1st knot: I tie the knot of fate.
2nd knot: This that I ask, this will happen.
3rd knot: Whatever I want will happen and whatever I desire I'll acquire. I want ___.
4th knot: The pixies/spirits will hear my desire.
5th knot: The pixies/spirits will lock my desire on his/her mind that he's/she's mine.
6th knot: Name and last name will fall in love with me.
7th knot: Earth, light and water, stars of the sky and Ethereal powers, I ask you to come with my side. Make this person love me.
8th knot: My fate, my good fate, write him to me if you don't have him written.
9th knot: Whatever I desired is now mine.

Keep this cord  under your mattress or  on your underwear. As long as this cord is tied the spell will keep functioning, but untieng it will break it.
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