Real Money


Mala bead


The desire for and to attract money must be engraved and embedded upon the soul. Workings must be consistent, with full focus and attention.

Spell Casting

Vibrate these words of power 108 times in a session per day for forty days without interruption. You cannot skip a day with this. Do this preferably at the same time every day: "Shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha"

After you complete the 108 repetitions, visualize plenty of money coming to you while affirming: "I am attracting large amounts of money to myself. This money is my own to keep and to spend as I choose." Repeat the affirmation with the visualization at least 3 times. Each 40 days is a working. In severe cases, the 40 days working may have to be repeated several times to reprogram the soul and to engrave the words of power into the soul to attract money consistently.
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