Re-bond a Broken Friendship


1 piece of paper (lined or not)
Black pen
Red pen


A spell to rebond a broken friendship between two other people.

Spell Casting

Your paper needs to be sideways.
Write the peoples names you wish to rebond on opposite sides of the paper in the black pen.
Ex: Elizabeth Alexis

In the black pen, put a heart between the two names. Color the heart in with the red pen while saying:


"Lord and Lady rebond these two. Fighting is all they seem to do. Revive all my friends from their headaches and pain, and bring these two back together again. So mote it be!"


Draw a line to each name in red, connecting them to the heart and each other. Fold the paper in half (hamburger style) and put it under your pillow for 1 night. After that night, put the paper somewhere safe so their friendship can last.
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