Finding Your Spirit Animal or Totem




This isn't really a spell. But it is the original way to find your animal totem.

Spell Casting

Imagine yourself finding a cave and walking in. As you enter this cave, you see it is lit with torches. As you keep walking, you notice that the torches become fewer, and the cave wider. You know that in reality, it should be getting darker in the the cave, it keeps getting brighter. then, you see some torches that are not even lit.

You touch them to see if they have been recently lit, and they are cold. The cave continues to widen. then you see the exit to the cave. and now you are in the most beautiful place you've ever seen. The grass is green, there's a pond in the middle, the place is surrounded by trees.

Then, you hear a rustle in the trees and the most magnificent creature emerges. It may soar above you or walk towards you. The gorgeous animal comes nearer, and you attempt to touch it. Then it goes back into the bush. As you leave, you look in the pond and see your animal's reflection. You know it will take a while to develop a relationship with your animal, but it will come. Then, you exit through the cave.
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