Money Spell


Dollar bill (20 or 10 dollar bill is better)
Paper towel or napkin


A spell to make you find money at the most random places!

Spell Casting

First, grab your dollar bill.
Then with water and the dollar, go in front of the mirror.
If the mirror can be set on the ground, do so.
If not, just stand in front of it.
Set the water and dollar in front of the mirror, and then meditate for about 5 minutes.
How you meditate for this spell:

Sit down if the mirror is propped on a wall and you can see yourself and the water and dollar in the mirror. If you can't move the mirror, stand up.

Then close your eyes, and let your body relax.
Think of all the places you want to find the dollar, like if the dollar is 5 dollars, then imagine finding 5 dollars in your room.
After you have meditated for 5 minutes or more, dip your fingers in the water.
How many fingers? You may ask. Think of how many places you wanted to find he dollars, so if you imagined three places, like a park, your room, and school, then put 3 fingers in the water.

Now draw how dollar signs on the mirror.
How many? You may ask again. If your dollar is a twenty, draw twenty dollar signs on the mirror. If it's 5 dollars, then draw 5 dollar signs.
You may dip your fingers in the water again so you can draw the signs.
After that, dry your hands with the paper towel.
Then take the dollar, still in front of the mirror, chant:


"Money so green,
Money so full.
Money so rich,
Money so gold.
I want my money,
My money, money so bold
So mote it be."
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