Nyx's Blessing Charm


A necklace that represents night (a moon, star, etc)
2 candles (silver would be ideal, but you can use white, yellow, or pale blue)
2 candle holders (silver would be ideal, but you can use brass, crystal, or wood)
Full moon
Clear skies


Call upon the Goddess of the Night to protect you through a necklace

Spell Casting

First cast your circle, next place the necklace inside the circle, set up your candles (left and right), light the candles, left to right, concentrate on the necklace, stare into it, think about darkness, the only light you can see is the moon.

You can also stare at the moon while chanting, it will give you more power, and more of a chance for the spell to be a success.

Expell all your negative energy, soak up the moons positive energy, let it shine on you, think what it would be like to be nocturnal, and free from everything that is negative in the world.

Now chant:


"I ask you oh maiden of the night, one whom watches those who are alone in the dark night, leading them only through the moons ever lasting light, oh great Nyx, I ask of you to lend me your strength, while I am lost, I need your protection, your power to see through the darkness, please give me strength oh maiden of the night."


Thank Nyx the Goddess of Night, blow your candles out, clean up, put your charmed necklace.

You may find peace after this spell, you will also feel protected at night, and during the day. You may also have no more nightmares and only good dreams.

If you have any questions, please mail me and ask me

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