Nobody But Me! (Crush Protection)




This spell stops anybody making a move on your crush, witch or not.

Spell Casting

First of all, meditate for five minutes (or however long you need to imagine your crush's face) beforehand. An optional step is to imagine them with anyone else in another five minutes of meditation. This will make you either angry or upset, and the angrier/more upset you are, the stronger the spell.

Next, imagine an invisible link to you and him/her. This is so that they will refuse to love anybody except you. After this, chant seven times exactly,"(Crush's first name) is mine! Nobody else may have him/her. Anybody who tries to get close to him/her shall be rejected!"

At the end of the seventh chant, say,"So mote it be." I do this every night to renew the protection upon my crush, since I don't know how long it lasts.
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