Protection Grid


1 Quartz generator (point)
2 tigers eye stones
1 Amethyst stone
1 onyx stone
A wand
A cloth (optional)


A crystal grid that is used for protection against spirits and negative energy.

Spell Casting

If you have an altar cloth you may lay that out. Place the Quartz generator in the center of the cloth, in a circle around it place your 2 tigers eye, the Amethyst and the onyx.

Next you have to activate the crystal grid. Take your wand (or finger) and start at the Quartz generator. Visualize a line of energy coming from the wand linking all the crystals up starting and ending at the Quartz generator. You may say a chant if you have one that you think will help.

When you're done you can keep it activated for as long as you like. Do deactivate it you just need to use your wand and unlink all the crystals. Remember to charge and cleanse the crystals again when you're done.
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