Lucky Day


A Straight Face
A Voice


This will make you lucky for a 24 hours period, but has no guarantee.

Spell Casting

First off, you might want to do my meditation ritual, but that is optional.

Next, close your eyes. Think of the worst thing that could possibly happen to you today. Maybe you'll get beat up at school, or you'll get fired from you job. Just trust me on this, BAD THOUGHTS.

Now open your eyes and say the following chant:

"Thoughts of misery,
Thoughts of despair.
I will force them all to tear.
Thoughts of happiness,
Thoughts of love.
Make me luckier than a dove."

Simple as that, but I have no guarantee this will work. Also for confusion of the chant, here's a definition of it:

The first 2 lines explain to luck what might happen.
The line after that tells luck that it will all disappear.
The next 2 lines explain how your day will now be.
The last line explains how lucky you will be.

And to also say, this could backfire. The dove that luck has set you upon might have died or been shot, so that will most likely cause bad luck, or if you're lucky, the spell won't work. You can NOT do this again after you've already done it in a 24 hour period. After 24 hours, you can do it again.

Also the dove luck has set on might already be dead before you've said the chant, so in that case you will most likely have it not work, and a less change of a backfire.

I wish you luck!
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