Animal Transformation


A knife
Some kind of container
A cup of boiling water
An item from what you wish to turn into (Anything will do)


You will soon be able to change into what you wish.

Spell Casting

Prick your finger with the knife, and allow some blood to spill into the container (Told you to have a strong will) Mix the item, blood, and water together, chanting 'Gods and Godesses, hear my wish. Change my form for eternity. No longer shall I be human. I shall become a/an Animal of your choosing, my true form. Make it so, so mote it be.' as you stir. Do not stop until you are 100% sure it's done

Drink the mixture, and go to bed. When you awake, you will be the animal you have chosen... permanantly. Told you to be sure you wanted this.
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