Candle Healing Spell


Rosemary (Incense)
Cinnamon (Oils)
Blue Candle
Dark of the Moon (Moon Phase)
5th hour after sunrise (Time of Day)
Monday (Day)
4 days (Duration)
Bran/Sirrona (God/Goddess)


This spell is all about healing. Help if someone feels bad...

Spell Casting

Take Ritual Bath with pinch of rosemary .
Get persons permission
Write the name of person in need of healing on blue candle.
Annoint it with Cinnamon oil.
Visualize healing energies flowing into candle.
Burn candle for 4 minutes a day.

While visualizing, say:

"In the name of the goddess and god who breathes life into us all,
I consecrate and charge this candle as a magical tool for healing.
Place the candle on top of a picture of the person in need of healing.
Light the candle."

As the candle burns, visualize the person in your mind, willing them the healing energies needed.

Chant these words four times:

"Magic mend while the candle burns
Sickness will end and health will return.
Harm to none, So Mote It Be."

When finished with the entire spell, dispose of stubs/ash in running water.
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