Make Your Crush Crazy About You


5 items (candles, flowers, stones, leaves, ect)


Be careful what you wish for, this spell will make your crush obsessed with you, all they think about is you.

Spell Casting

Place the four items as four corners of a square, and the fith in the center. Walk around the circle, and touch each item (light them if they are candles) calling out to the spirits of that direction. Then stand in the middle and call out to the spirits of the universe.

Sit in the middle and say: "Spirits here, spirits there, spirits everywhere, come and assist me. Cloud (crushes) mind and allow him/her/them to only think of me. Make them obsessed with me, their every thought surround me, let all they know be me."

Take a break and wrap the yarn around your fingers, toy with it, amd think about your crush: "Let their mind be wrapped around my fingers, let their thoughts be plauged by me. Allow me to toy with it, This is my will so mote it be"

Thank the spirits, and close the circle.
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