Healing Candle


2 green candles and 1 red candle.
St. Jhon's Wort
Picture of the person you're trying to heal


This is a spell I created to help healing muscle aches, injuries, sickness.

Spell Casting

I've had a lot of people asking me to cast a healing spell for themselves or their loved ones, either they were injured, had a sickness, felt pain all the time ( like headaches, muscle aches etc ). They were desperate and in need of help. This is one of the spells i used a lot and had a really good feedback. I'll explain it step by step. I will have, at the bottom, a picture of how the spell should look, so you don't get confused.

Step 1: Candle the candles ( one by one ) in your hands. Grab the candle gently and close your eyes. Fill the candle with healing and positive energy. Imagine energy coming from your hands, to the candle and slowly filling it up. Take your time, dont get frustrated and only stop when you feel the candle had enough energy. 

Step 2: Rub the mint lifts on the candles until it starts to smell like mint. Put the candles in a triangle shape - red one in the " middle " -  and put the picture in the middle of the triangle. Now, unite the candles with the herbs and use the salt to make a circle around the candles. Make the herbs ( while touching the candles ) meet on the center of the triangle.

Step 3: Look at the picture of the person and imagine the parts of her/his body that you want to heal. Slowly put the on the center of the triangle, while picturing the persons body parts glowing with a white light and healing them. 

Step 4: Light the candles, clock wise ( The middle one first ). Imagine the fire of the candles going to the herbs and to the picture, picture the person being great of health. Imagine the herbs, the salt and the candles glowing with a strong white light.

Step 5: Let the candles burn down! Do not let the flames go out, you dont need to stare at them until they burn down but keep an eye on them.

Example of how it should look: http://imgur.com/a/nqDk0 

Side note: This spell takes long to take action. It wont work over night. It can take 3 weeks or more or less. Do not worry and do not get frustrated over it.

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