A Spell For Story Writing


3 pieces of small paper
1 homemade envelope
1 orange candle (optional)
1 pen


A spell that will improve creativity and luck in story writing.

Spell Casting

Get the 3 pieces of paper. Fold them hamburger style and write on the outside of each one (one word per paper):




Then get the homemade envelope and place all three paper inside. Write anywhere, on the outside of the envelope, your desired story title (Concentrate on what you'd like it to be like as you write the title; even just the genre is you wish.) Then chant 3x:

When I am writing a story,
Ideas shall come so I can stay steady,
When I've written a story,
The plot shall be praised by everybody,
So mote it be.

Now, seal the envelope. Do not open it again unless you want the spell to break.

It will be like the ideas, plots and writing are writing on the sealed paper and entering your mind.
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