Reunite Lost Lovers


2 rags
1 needle
1 (long) piece of thread


This spell is effective in reuniting lost lovers

Spell Casting

Start sewing the two rags together whilst you say,

I cast this spell to reunite
The tie that was broken
So I take the threads into my needle
I place a stitch into the fabric
I repair the tear in space in time
I bind the two together
I twist their lives with the twine of fate
I call back the love of _(Name of girl)_
I call back her love _(Name of man)_
May these two meet again in sparks in flame
May these two meet again from where they parted
The dice is cast
The coin is tossed
The chance takes place again
The song is sung
The play begins
The Act begins again
I give their love a second chance
May they love eternal

Once this is done finish the spell but leave the needle threaded then repeat this every night until the rags are completely sewn together. The spell should work within approximately 5 days of the final casting.
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