Advanced Money




Meditate for 5 or more minutes. This spell is a money spell and so it is required you have an extremely high power level. There are two outcomes of this spell: you get cursed or a boost of money. Its hard to cast unlike most of my spells.

Spell Casting

If you understand the warnings you must read this incantation 133 times. Once you start saying the spell you MAY NOT STOP. And yes you have to read it one hundred thirty three times. (I said this was hard didn't I)

This is a real spell and not a joke, this consults real Gods to make the decision of helping you or cursing you. Once again, use at your own risk.

Chant the 1ST Spell and then the 2ND Spell.

"Gods and godesses, the elements and the universe I humbly request enough power to cast this spell. This is my will so mote it be"

"Deos universi elementa fictilia deorum Aegypti opes superbae et iustitia mihi abs te . Equidem merui opes rogo . Pro obsequio et militantibus eueniat opes et te meque recipio . Hoc volo ut fiat !!!"
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