I Need a Job Now!


A small bottle, pouch, or a plastic Ziplock bag
A cashew
An almond
A green candle
A lighter


This is a spell to get you quickly employed if you're in a pinch.

Spell Casting

This spell is best done either in the morning or at noon on a full or waxing moon.

Cast a circle if your tradition calls for it. Otherwise, skip this step.

Cleanse and consecrate the herbs you are about to use for this spell. Light a green candle and hold each herb (or each herb container) above the fire, flipping it over three times in your hand. While you do this, chant the following three times:
"I cleanse this herb three times, three, to bring prosperity, a job to me!"
Place the herbs in the bottle, pouch, or plastic bag, envisioning getting your job.

Now take the circle down and carry the bottle with you wherever you go. Go apply at as many businesses as you can!
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