Healing Spell of Raphael


Green Candle (If you do not have green than you may use purple blue or white)
3 Pennies or Stones
Photo of Individual you want to heal
Raphael Sigil image
Something sharp (Carving into the candle)


This is a simple healing spell I created. A simple powerful spell to call Archangel Raphael for healing yourself or a loved one.

Spell Casting

I tried to make this spell very simple. I am giving you a list of options when it comes to ingredients so that you can easily do this spell. With this spell we are asking for the healing for Archangel Raphael. Raphael is the angel of healing. His name means "God Heals" . He oversees healing for all living beings on earth. He brings powerful healing. We are also working with the fire element to make this spell faster.



I prefer Green in this spell because Archangel Raphael radiates green. But if you cannot find a green candle here are some other great options.

Peace, Health, Protection, Cleansing,and Curing.

Healing, Spiritual Protection,and Power

All Purpose


Pennies or Stones

I use originally used pennies in this spell because a lot of people can get them. But the main reason I choose pennies is due to the fact that they are made of copper. Copper is the metal of Raphael. It is also great for healing and is a great energy conductor (That's why it's commonly used in wand making). If you can't get copper here are some stone options. (The stones I list also have a connection to Raphael)

Healing Stone

Great for healing skin problems, digestive, and allergies.

Healing anxiety, eye, and heart.

Clear Quartz
Removes blockages and helps healing manifest.

Powerful healing stone, strength, and energy flow.



After you have selected your items you may start the spell.

Before using your candle you need to cleanse and charge it. Hold the candle between your hands and imagine white light coming from your heart, to your arms, than hands, and finally the candle. Visualize it fill the candle as gross energy leaves it and disappears. You may feel vibration or warmth. Once you feel butterflies in your stomach than it is complete. You will repeat this process for any of the stones or pennies you use for this spell. But instead of a white light visualize a green light. Now that your candle is charged you will now carve a large triangle around the wick. This triangle is the symbol for fire.

Next you have to prepare your photo. Flip the photo over and using your pen write the sigil for Archangel Raphael.(You can look this sigil up online or in my video) As soon as you're done flip it back over and place the candle on top. Make sure the point of the triangle is pointed away from you.

Get your three stones/pennies and begin to place them in a triangle around the candle or photo. You may do it it point up or down (up is fire and down is earth the element for Raphael). As you place the stones/pennies visualize the individual happy and healthy. Finally you may begin to light the candle. When the wick catches imagine bright green light connecting the stones/pennies. Than say

"So mote it be."

When you candle has finished burning, take the three stones/pennies and bury them away from the house as a thanks/offering to Raphael for helping you heal.

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