Jar for Good Luck and Protection


A jar
Any herbs, etc of luck (ex. daisy, bamboo, strawberry)
Any herbs, etc of protection (ex. eggshells, basil, bay leaf, cayenne, lavender, sage, garlic)
Crystals of luck (ex. aventurine, jet, tiger eye)
Crystals of protection (ex. agate, carnelian, citrine, jasper, moonstone, onyx)
A marker (optional)


A jar of various ingredients to protect and bring good luck. Use the ingredients you feel will work best for you personally. Those listed are just suggestions.

Spell Casting

Before you begin:

  1. Be sure that your stones are cleansed and charged.
  2. Be sure that your jar is clean.
  3. Before putting anything into the jar, you may wish to draw sigils of luck or protection on/in it.

Place your stones at the bottom of the jar. Mix your remaining ingredients. Add those ingredients to the jar. Place the jar somewhere elevated -- the higher the better. This works best if the jar is placed somewhere you spend a lot of time, ie your bedroom, living room, etc.

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