True Love


2 heaped table spoons of salt
2 containers/cups/bowls (doesn't matter what one)
2 cups of cold water
2 spoons
10 drops of food die, crushes favourite colour
1 fridge
1 heaped table spoon of sugar
1 small bowl/container/cup
1 cup of coke/Pepsi
1 picture of crush (if you don't have one, write his first and last name on a piece of paper)


This spell will make the boy that you have a crush on, love you. They will want t do anything for your love.

Spell Casting

Put a cup of water into the 2 containers. Add a heaped table spoon of salt into each of them. Then stir with the same spoon for both in till the salt has dissolved. Add 5 drops of food die, into each of the containers and mix.

Put into fridge for at lest 5 hours. (the longer it is in there, the better, but no longer then 48 hours). Put a cup of coke/Pepsi into the last container. Mix in a heaped table spoon of sugar. Put in fridge for the same amount of time as the other containers

When you take them out of the fridge, put the picture of your crush into one of the salt and water containers, and the picture of yourself into the other. Put the 2 containers into the freezer for about 5 hours. Pour the coke/Pepsi into a cup and chant "As I drink this mixter of fizz and sugar, let the power of the earth run through my veins, let this spell be successful." Then drink the coke/Pepsi

When the water and salt are taken out of the freezer, you will notice that the pictures are impossible to pull out. Chant this chant as you put your hands on the containers "With the power in my veins, please connect with the ice, let the love of my life, love me back, my love is true, make theirs true to. The elements in the universe, finish this spell."

Put the containers outside in the sun to melt. When they are melted, put the pictures under your pillow for a week, this will help the spell stay strong. When you see your crush staring at you with love, ask them to buy you a $1 sweet, if they do, the spell is complete, if they don't, do the spell again, if it doesn't work that time, I am sorry.
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