Healing Light


A mixture of: salt,sugar,cream of Tartar and Parsley Flakes
Black Candle
Something to light the candle with
A jar of water
A Pendalum (I use my pentagram necklace for this spell)


This spell is intended to heal the caster over time.

Spell Casting

Mix together the ingredients listed in the section that describes what you will need for this spell. Once that is complete, light the Black candle.Sprinkle some of the mixture into the candle wax while it is burning, in a clockwise direction, while chanting:
"Earth, air, fire and sea. Hear my plea bring health to me" x3.

Also sprinkle some of the mixture into the water. Put a lid on the water while the mixture is still inside it, rotate the jar clockwise while repeating the chant above three more times.

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