1 dartboard
1 green dart
Any perfume
Some water
Hair brush


With the help of this simple spell, one can decide his own luck for a day.

Spell Casting

Wake up at morning as usual. Wash your face with water. Brush your hair. Apply some perfume. Go and stand in front of the dartboard (which should be hanged on a hook on the wall).

Take the green dart in hand and close your eyes and repeat this spell 5 times, loudly: "Oh God, the Great God of Fortune. I beg of you to listen to my request. Please let me decide my luck for today." Open your eyes and go at least 7 feet 9.25 inches far from dartboard. Concentrate deeply and throw the dart, aiming at the inner bullseye.

  • Inner Bullseye: You will have one of the best days of your life.
  • Outer Bullseye: You will have an excellent day.
  • Inside/On Inner Ring: You will have a good day.
  • Inside/On Outer Ring: You will have an average day.
  • Outside/On Outer Ring: You will have a bad day.
  • Outside the Board: You will have an extremely bad day and you can die.
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