Rid of Evil


Deep Concentration


A curse to rid of a demon or evil energy.

Spell Casting

If you have a evil in your house then heres how to banish it. Stand in the place where the hauntings or bad things happened. Close your eyes and think of the demon your image of him and say:

"Demon Full of rage why are you here Pride mabee tell thee why I need to see."


 "How have you escaped your prison, I heared it has walls of flame,
you had your chance to enter the kingdom and you threw it away.
So by heaven I cast with might demon of great light."

 Now strike your match and light the candle and say:

"Light live on forever may it never die."

 Leave the candle in the room until it has burnt out when it has that means the demon has been vanquished.

Never stay in the room and inhail the smoke!

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