Summon Animal or Spirit


Bundle of animal fur/feathers/scales OR a picture of Animal/spirit EXACTLY
Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (hp)
Cup/bowl of water


Trying all the time to have a pet fox? Or a demon protector? Try this!

Spell Casting

Fill the bowl with water, no HP or vinegar. Hold the picture over the water and say 2x:
(The spell on fur/feather/scale, but not fur, say picture.)


Fill the cup with water, no HP or vinegar. Hold the fur/feather/scale bundle over the water, and say 2x:


"Holy gods and goddesses, summon me a (animal/spirit name) from this f/f/s. they will be loyal to me. So by the Power of three, so mote it be."


Pour HP or vinegar on the animal/spirit f/f/s and drop them in the water. Leave over night. keep the f/f/s in a box after that. it cant be farther than 44 miles away.
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