Bloody Rose


1 dark blue rose
1 dark red rose
1 black rose
A few Chamomile leaves/flowers
A few Dragons blood leaves
Aloe (gel)
A few Foxglove leaves/flowers
A few Apple seeds
A few Ginger leaves
A few Honeysuckle flowers
Jasmine oil (a few drops)
Lavender oil (a few drops)
Lemon peel
A few Myrrh leaves
Nutmeg peel
A pouch or a small bag
A bowl
A knife


This is a real vampyre spell. This is not fake. It's still a very dangerous spell, it can back fire anytime.

Spell Casting

This spell works best when on midnight, on a full moon.
1. Go into a cemetery, or into a room with a window. (It has to be completely dark besides the moonlight.)
2. Draw a pentagram on the floor.
3. Place the bowl in the middle of the pentagram.
4. Place the blue rose on the left, the red rose on the right, and keep the black rose by your side for now.
5. Place the ingredients in the bowl.
6. Place the black rose on top of the bowl.
7. Take the knife and cut your hand, and pour some over the rose.
8. Remove the rose and put it next to you, and put the ingredients in the pouch.
Put the blue and the red rose on the windowsill, and put the black rose in a safe place, put the pouch under your pillow, and when you go to sleep it will start with its magic.
It will take time, just be patient and you will become one.
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