Attraction Spell


Picture of the person
Pen/marker - no pencil
Candle, white, pink, purple, or red.


A spell to aid in someone falling in love with you. Because this spell is "forcing" someone to do/feel a certain way, bad luck is often a huge side effect. Making someone fall in love with you usually would make the relationship not real and can fade quickly. You have been warned.

Spell Casting

It is best to meditate before hand, for at least 10-15 minutes.

You may place soft, relaxing music or "love songs" to get you in the mood of this spell. Music has a strong effect over us, and can help aid in a spell a lot. Keep this music playing.

Place the picture of the person aside. Make sure you visualize what this person looks like clearly. Memories of the person can also help aid in the spell.

Light your candle(s).

Grab a piece of paper and rip off a small corner. You only need a tiny piece of paper.
In pen (preferably) or marker, write down the following:
Your name + Your crush's name
fall in love
today's date: mm/dd/yyyy OR dd/mm/yyyy

Fold the paper to where it is about the same size or smaller than a coin.

Either place the small, folded paper in the candle. Or, place the paper in the flame then set it on a non-flammable item to let it burn.

Chant the following until the paper is in complete ashes:


"With all of my heart's desire,
Hope yours I do acquire,
with energy from me,
with energy from the ground,the sky, the universe,
the earth, the wind, the fire, the water, the spirit,
Here I say my wish to be,
let this wish come true,
so mote it be."


While you chant, imagine your energy going into the spell. Direct it to do what you wish: making the person love you.

Imagine the outcome.

this spell does not work if one person is an adult while the other is a minor.

Do's and Don't's:
If you mess up during a chant, do NOT go back and fix it. Keep going.
Do not have anyone else in the room.
You may do this during the day time or night time.
if you wish, you may place a pentagram on the ground below you where you cast your spell.
please be careful when messing with fire. If you are a minor, this is not recommended.
love spells can backfire, cause bad luck, or even unwanted events. Love spells are a form of black magick because you are forcing someone to feel a certain way or do a certain thing.
Love spells will often not make the relationship "real" because the relationship can easily fade. Some fade fast, while others last for years. Sometimes love spells can be good sense you learn from them.
Make sure you only concentrate on the person and the outcome. Anything else you think about (For example, thinking of bad luck) can result.

It is best to charge the spell beforehand. This spell is not usually for beginners because of it's energy usage. In fact, most spells with less ingredients are for those who practiced magick for a long time. Beginners are often better with spells with more ingredients.
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