1 White candle
1 Red candle
1 Blue candle
1 Green candle
1 Purple candle
Ash (from any fire it doesn't matter)
Something linked to you and the deceased
1 Piece of paper
1 Pencil


This spell will bring forth spirits into the world once more.

Spell Casting

Draw the pentagram on the piece of paper and at the corners place the candles with purple at the top then (going clockwise) the blue then the green then the red then the white. Place the special object in the middle and sprinkle ash around it. Then light the candles and think about the person or animal. Meditate for 5-10 minutes then say: "I call to the spirits, I call to the dead let me see my dear (NAME) again. I call to thee come to me to reunite once more. I wish to see whom I seek, whom I miss so mote it be."

Then meditate again and then you should feel a presence, open your eyes and they should be there. They might not stay for long though.
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