Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha


Picture of Shakyamuni Buddha


Shakyamuni Buddha is the Buddha many know of today as Gautama Buddha or Prince Siddharta. This enlightens the heart and brings wisdom. It will give connection to the Buddha himself and all who chant it are enlightened. It grants protection and will give kindness. It will improve and grant wisdom. I ensure you that it works.

Spell Casting

Place the picture of Shakyamuni Buddha in front of you. If you have candles, out them to the left and right side of the Buddha. As for the incense, burn it in front of him and the offerings be placed in front of him. Sit on your knees and get into prayer form or in Shakyamuni's mudra. Close your eyes and chant 108 times or more:

"Om muni muni maha muni Shakyamuni ye soha"

Bow down to him when you're done chanting and make a short prayer to him. Present him the offerings and make a prayer for him on accepting your offering. Then thank him for coming and say goodbye. Be very respectful.
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