Having Trouble Making A Specific Friend


1 Rose Quartz ( To improve the love in the friendship)
1 Red Candle
Person His/Her Full Name
Dark Room
Photo Of Person(you can copy a photo from the person His/Her Facebook or Twitter you want to be friends with, put it on a USB and go to the copyshop and copy it).


You have trouble trying to make a specific friend? Or "it made you" in big trouble and misery to try making friendship with the specific friend?

Spell Casting

Go sit in a quiet and dark place that no one disturbs you. Then do a 10/15 min. meditation to clear you're self from negative energy.

After meditating put on the red candle and place the Rose Quarts in one hand and begin focusing on the photo in you're other hand of person you tried to be friends with.
While doing so, use you're willpower now to fantasize about you and you're specific person that you have a great time toghether, maybe some romance or whatever you want to fantasize about this person, and while doing so stack up you're agilated feelings for this person.

After you stacked up, with your will and the feelings you need to say the next. "Friend, Friend, Friend : (person's name) do become my friend. Let us become friends so we can make the trouble finally to a end".

Now after saying the spell, put out the candle with full willpower and stacked up good feelings. Try not to think about it to much, let the magick do its work and soon enough it will easy your try to make this person your friend,or this person would realize to become you're friend and do almost everything to become it.

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