Human Ice Cube


Ice Cube Tray
Lemon Juice (if you want them to stop whatever they are doing to you)
Sugar (if you want the target(s) to become more kinder towards you)
Ash from a ash tray (if you want the target(s) to fall into depression)


Is there person you wish that they would stop annoying you? Well here's a very simple spell to "freeze" these sorts of people out of your life.

Spell Casting

Get your paper and pen write the name of the target and write underneath the name what you want happen to them. For eg. I want this person to stop talking all together. Repeat step 1, all your targets you have in mind keep in mind you can have up to 1 - 12.

Cut out the pieces of paper with name and the treatment you want to receive. Then place the piece of paper into a ice cube tray. Then pour the water into the ice cube tray. Then add extra ingredients listed above on the effect you want to send out.

Place the ice cube tray into the freezer. Then let the water to freeze for 24 - 48 hours once the water turns to ice. The effects will begin.
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