Knot Hex


6 inches of black thread
5 purple beads
Black candle


Cast a powerful curse on someone who deserves it. If they don't deserve it the spell will backfire.

Spell Casting

First put the bead on the thread and tie two knots on either side of the bead. Then put two beads on the outside of the knots, tie a knot at either end of the beads. Put two more beads on either side of those knots then tie knots on either side.

Light the candle, put the thread beside the candle and chant: "wiil karma te dolor meus , quid feci tibi scire me maledictionem super hoc firmamentum hex donec i tu aufer . Hoc volo ut fiat."

Then burn the ends of the thread with the candle and your done. Make sure when your tying the knots your thinking of your intention, this spell give them instant karma, so make sure you only do the spell of they did something to you.
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