How to summon a spirit dragon



12AM or 12PM

drawing of these five elements in a Wiccan star: a flame(fire dragon) water drop(water dragon) leaf(earth dragon) snowflake(ice dragon) a cloud(air dragon)


Your blood



This spell will summon an elemental dragon that will come when you call it and help strengthen your spirit.

Spell Casting

Step 1: first, you must know which dragon you want. You can only do this spell once!!! And you can't send your dragon back once you get it. After this, you're bonded for life. I suggest a dragon matching your personality. Fire dragons are good with brave people that are headstrong and determined. Ice dragons are for people who are generally calm and quiet. Earth dragons are for the activists out there, someone with a big, caring heart. The water dragon is for the energetic popular type people, those who are generally people who love their hobbies. Air dragons are for the light, airy, friendly people.
Step 2: sit cross legged in one of these five places: a place close to a heat source, like next to a fireplace or radiator(fire), a wet place, like a bathtub or shallow pool,(water), somewhere cold, like a basement, or if it's snowing outside,(ice) outdoors(earth) and a high place, like a tree or a treehouse(air)
Step 3: draw each of the five elements on a point of the Wiccan star(order doesn't matter), then draw the element you want in the center.
step 4: WARNING!!!! AFTER THIS STEP, YOU CANT GO BACK!!! MAKE SURE THIS IS THE ELEMENT YOU WANT!!! Using a drop of your blood, place it in the center of the center elemental drawing.
Step 5: say this 3 times:
Earth, fire, water, ice, and air
Awaken a dragon from its lair
Bring it both far and wide
To rest at my spirit's side
I seal our bond through life and death
We do not part until my last breath
In spirit, we join as one
Our elemental bond has just begun
Step 6: fold the paper in half twice and draw another Wiccan star, then place a drop of your blood in the center and on the 5 points.
Step 7: get rid of the paper with the element you chose: burn the paper(fire), bury the paper(earth), throw your paper into natural water[a river, stream, ocean, etc.](water), freeze the paper(ice), throw the paper into the wind(air)
Step 8: the dragon will come within a week. It will come to you the first time in a dream. To call your dragon, just imagine it appearing beside you. You are the only one that can see your dragon, unless someone else also has a spiritual dragon.
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