Steal his Heart


• Cinnamon powder
• Ginger powder
• coriander powder
• Two bay leaves
• Sage
• Lavender sticks
• Clove oil
• Any vaginal fluid
• Needle
• Thread
• Fire resistant material ( coal burner advised)
• Fire source
• Aloe vera
• A white piece of paper (A
• A red pen
• A pink rose
• Honey
• Lemon juice fresh


This spell is to make your crush or the one you love to have deep feelings for you.

Spell Casting

Place all the ingredients in a circle around you and the coal burner. Sit in the middle with your legs crossed and the coal burner in front of you. Close your eyes and meditate on your love and what you want to get out of the spell. Then open your eyes take a deep breath then close your eyes again then chant:


"I call on all the gods and goddesses of
love, peace, prosperity and protection.
Please I humbly ask that you bless this spell I mean no harm and no harm may come my way with you protection is only peace that may prosper in love's form in your worthy presence I bless each and every ingredient I have present thank you so much gods and goddesses for coming into my presence."


Open your eyes then take a small metal plate and place it into the coal burner take the sage and aloe vera and place it there and say while you touch with your hands.


"May the gods and goddesses bless. With these my love with ______________ will be protected."


Place some honey and lemon and say:


"May the gods and goddesses bless. With these my love with _____________ will be sweetened and lustrous."


Add a drop of clove oil and say:


"May the gods and goddesses bless. With this my love with _____________ will have good luck, will prosper and will grow stronger each day."


Get a pinch of ginger, cinnamon and coriander then say:


"May the gods and goddesses bless. With these my love with ____________ be happy, passionate and drawn to each other and healthy."


Then take the bay leaves on one write your name on the other write his and rub your vaginal fluid on the one with his name the stitch the leave together withe edge of the paper while stitching with only three stitches say along with each stitch.


"I bind you __________ to me you will only crave me my body and my love if you have not had me or seeing me you will not sleep I will be in your thoughts and your dreams I will be the one you wish to have by your side a zombie you will not be just with love and not obsession you will be filled."


Then fold the paper light it and throw it into the fire along with the rose and lavender stick then chant:


"A rose as complete as our love will be you are now mine and you will come to me. Come to me ________ come and let us be complete."


Then thank the gods and goddesses for witnessing the spell.

This is to be cast on the first waxing moon or on a full moon. Please take precautions. Hope this works please contact me if it does.
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